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“Mr. Bennett once again has assisted me in my endeavors as a security and protection professional. His book not only assists in helping  prepare for the ISP certification, it provides first hand insight and mentoring on how to advance your career goals in this complex field. ”

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SF 312 Briefing

SF 312 Briefing

This Training is for Newly Cleared Employees and should be given prior to Initial Security Briefings

Discover how to meet NISPOM requirements

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Newly cleared employees must sign an SF-312, Non Disclosure Agreement. Instead of just having them sign the box, why not give them preliminary training. What exactly is on the form and why they are signing it.

Once signed, then give them the Initial Security Briefing

Just because an entity does business with the government or is cleared for classified work, doesn’t mean they are at the same level of performance as legacy organizations. It’s tempting to assume that every cleared contractor Facility Security Officer (FSO) as “appointed” by the National Industrial Security Program Operating Manual (NISPOM) attends professional organization meetings, are Industrial Security Professional (ISP) Certified and fully comprehend International Traffic In Arms Regulations (ITAR). But, it’s just not so.

Not all defense contractors are created equally. Cleared defense contractors may be approved to possess classified information on location with storage approval. Others may not have storage approval, but cleared to provide security clearances for classified performance at customer or other off site locations. Large defense contractors may have an entire staff devoted to the protection of classified information, physical security, operations security, contracts security, special access and etc. On the other hand, small contractors have equal responsibilities, but operate with just a few employees, on of which is appointed as FSO. That’s a lot for one to do…

Does your business have time to focus on training requirements?

Defense contractors and cleared contractors with one to a few hundred employees may have FSOs designated in addition to regular duties. COOs, engineers, CFOs, HR and other professionals don’t have time to create and execute training while performing on contract.

That’s where Red Bike Publishing can help.

An FSO can spend several hours designing training. At $35.00 per manager work hour, that could end up costing at least $150.00, not including the costs associated with brining the FSO off a contract to perform out of scope work. Our low cost, high value training package allows you to concentrate on your core competencies while we provide your required training. Our NISPOM Training contains requirements for the Annual Security Awareness and Initial Security Training. Just download our slides and lead the discussion, the notes are already filled out and ready to read.

SF 312 Briefing-$49.95

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Red Bike Publishing’s intent is to help companies train their employees and our product is priced based on size of organization. Please order according to your organization’s size. For simplicity please select number of items based on the number of employees to be trained.

For 1-100 employees, select select “1” in the quantity box.

For 101-200 employees, select “2” in the quantity box.

For 201-300 employees, select “3” in the quantity box.

For 301-400 employees, select select “4” in the quantity box.

For 401-500 employees, select “5” in the quantity box.

For 501-600 employees, select “6” in the quantity box.

For 601-700 employees, select select “7” in the quantity box.

For 701-800 employees, select “8” in the quantity box.

For 801-900 employees, select “9” in the quantity box.

Red Bike Publishing’s training products are intended for corporate training to employees and not for resale or commercial purposes. If that is your intent, please contact us @ for further information.

FSOs have a huge responsibility to protect classified information. As such, these FSOs may be owners, engineers, human resources or appointed employees with other additional duties. If you are an appointed FSO with other duties, you might be just too involved running your company to create a training program.

Red Bike Publishing can help. Jeffrey W. Bennett, SFPC, SAPPC, ISP is board certified to protect classified information. Together with industry experts, he created an easy to use presentation that you can download and deliver. Notes are available for you to read word for word or tailor the presentation to meet your organizational needs. Once complete, you’ll meet the National Industrial Security Program (NISPOM) and Defense Security Services (DSS) training requirements.

NISPOM SF 312 Training

When you invest with this training program you will receive a link for the presentation a

  • What the SF 312 is
  • Why it’s important
  • What is protected
  • What should be reported (Fraud, Waste, Abuse and Classified Information Security Incidents)
  • Overview of the Security Classification System
  • Classification Markings
  • Safeguarding Classified Material
  • Certificate

This is a great way to keep your cleared employees trained throughout the year, not just annually.


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If you would like more information about NISPOM training send an email to with your First Name and email address.

1.Once purchased, you will will receive an email with a hyperlink. Select the link.

2.  Files will download as a presentation format .pptm (ie NISPOM TRAINING.PPTM) You will not be able to see notes in this format

3. Once downloaded save as or open with .ppt or .pptx extension (ie. NISPOM presentation.ppt)

You focus on core competencies while we focus on ours

Cleared contractors have to follow NISPOM requirements to keep their security clearances. They have to keep their security clearances to perform on classified contracts. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to let someone else take care of your training needs?
Again, the training you download addresses NISPOM required topics. All you have to do is deliver to cleared employees. You can read it word for word, tailor the information for your mission, or simply let employees read the presentation themselves. It’s that easy.
If you would like more information about NISPOM training send an email to editor@redbikepublishing.comwith your First Name and email address.


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