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    • Guideline C: Foreign Preference
      Many immigrants experience great economic, academic, and professional opportunities in America.  As such, they have contributed to advanced technologies and capabilities that the US has enjoyed…
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    • Guideline B: Foreign Influence
      America is rich in international heritage and culture. We pride ourselves in our ability to expand our technology and enhance our military capability. We also recognize that much of this progress…
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    • NISPOM FSO Certification
       By Jeffrey W. Bennett, ISP, SAPPCGet your copy @ www.redbikepublishing.comIf you are serious about advancing in your field, get security certification. Taking practice tests is a great…
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    • Is your Information Management System (IMS) capable
      This article continues the series covering the Self-Inspection Handbook For NISP Contractors andguidance found in the National Industrial Security Program Operating Manual (NISPOM) Incorporating…
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“Mr. Bennett once again has assisted me in my endeavors as a security and protection professional. His book not only assists in helping  prepare for the ISP certification, it provides first hand insight and mentoring on how to advance your career goals in this complex field. ”

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ISP Test Tips

ISP Test Tips

Know What to Expect Before You Test

Sometimes the most difficult part of an exam is understanding what the test is about. The type of questions, how to address the questions, time to devote to the questions and test strategy are but a few concerns facing certification applicants.

I know how you feel, because I was once in your shoes.

Dear security professional. A few years ago, I earned ISP Certification. Certificate number 117 to be exact. Prior to testing I developed a study program to prepare me for the test. As a result I wrote the ISP Certification-The Industrial Security Professional Exam Manual.  It has been one of my most helpful books and is in the hands of hundreds of professionals.

In this eBook, I give you additional knowledge to navigate the actual test. I don’t provide the answers, but simply demonstrate the types of questions you’ll face, how to use study resource, how to focus your study efforts to what’s important and how to best answer different types of questions. This method helped me finish the test with time to spare.

The key is  learning test taking methodology

You already know your business. Chances are you’ve either been at it for many years,you’ve had a great mentor and you are familiar with NISPOM requirements. That’s what we call secret number one, you are a technical expert and know the business of protecting classified information.

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Since you are practically an expert anyway, I can prepare you for the test and build your confidence. This study eBook takes up where the my other book leaves off–test taking skills tailored for the ISP Certification exam.

My name is Jeff Bennett and I am board certified to protect classified information. My signature is Jeffrey W. Bennett, ISP and I display it proudly. I teach the Industrial Security Management Course at University Of Alabama Huntsville and am the author of the “go to” book DoD Security Clearance and Contracts Guidebook. After 25 years in the Army and industrial security business, you can say that “I’ve been there and done that”

What you’ll get

I designed a tutorial system of vital tips to help you study for the ISP Certification Exam. Know what to expect before you take the test. I demonstrate using questions from my study manual to teach you to search the NISPOM and eliminate the wrong answers. This presentation is over 75 slides packed with information you need to know before taking the ISP Certification exam.

Receive an article about the benefits of earning the certification and much more. Just fill in the information below and you’re on your way.


ISP Test Tips will provide:

  • Why you don’t have to memorized the NISPOM
  • What types of questions will you face?
  • How many possible answers are there?
  • How to immediately rule out the wrong answer
  • How to search for the right answer


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