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“Mr. Bennett once again has assisted me in my endeavors as a security and protection professional. His book not only assists in helping  prepare for the ISP certification, it provides first hand insight and mentoring on how to advance your career goals in this complex field. ”

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Rainy Street Stories

“In John Davis’ prologue to Rainy Street Stories, he says what he has written will “find fellow feeling with the film noir genre.” That’s the perfect description for this series of short reflections, more fully developed essays and poetry focused on the ambiguous profession of espionage. Davis says these narratives are simply reflections, but they’re more than that – they are compelling and beautifully written. And as Davis promises, that feeling of film noir permeates this collection.”– Joey Kennedy, Pulitzer-Prize winner.

“John Davis, recently retired from Army Intelligence, provides us with the conundrum of America in the current world of terrorism and hidden wars. How do we maintain our freedoms as we change and adapt to the new realities of engagement? While he gives us some answers, he describes the choices that we must make through analogies that clearly make the decision much easier. As he tells us in his prologue, “Nowhere is there a free pass from choices of good and evil.” It is as if he is alluding to the fact that it is not only Intelligence professionals, but all of us in a free America that must, on a daily basis, make a Hobson’s choice from among more than two equally unpalatable alternatives.”– D. Clark MacPherson, SoHo Journal.

“Poet and counterspy John W. Davis has written a cache of messages about deceit and loyalty, evil and good, danger and safety in his new Rainy Street Stories. His collection strings essays and incidents with poetic impressions interspersed like clues leading down the narrow alley that skirts the border of promise and betrayal, protection and sabotage. The good guys look more like the bad guys – like “secret brothers,” Davis puts it — than anyone could have guessed. This unusual memoir reveals nothing and still tells everything about Davis’ real-life career in Cold War espionage. With vignette tributes to heroes of resistance and musings on true patriotism, this book offers complex and compelling … reading for the thoughtful American.”– Kay Campbell, Huntsville Times award winning journalist

“Rainy Street Stories is a riveting book that reflects not only how the intelligence community operates but also defines Mr. John Davis’ character. Mr. Davis offers important insights into the historical as well as current challenges the Intelligence Community faces. The factual accounts cited in his book are a must read for all operational and analytical professionals serving in the intelligence community.”–Louis J. Kubik – US Marine Corps Reserve, retired, Department of Defense Civilian Counterintelligence Officer with two separate tours with the CIA.

“This little book deserves to be read by many, in many different walks of life. Rainy Street Stories is a wonderful testimony to the crucial importance of truth, goodness and, yes, Grace, in keeping our all too human character from going badly, sometimes horrifically astray. John W. Davis’ collection of short pieces is an unwavering affirmation of the enduring power of virtuous principles in this often cruel and cynical world. Truly, it deserves to be read by many and its lessons taken deeply to heart.”–Gray Sutherland, author, poet and translator.

“John W. Davis’ Rainy Street Stories is a remarkable collection of vignettes, poems, short essays, prayers, and reflections that like gaslights in the fog help us glimpse the spectral outlines of a shattered world. That shattered world is our world, or the world we once believed we lived in, a world of goodness and moral coherence, but which has been turned by our own greed and violence into a killing field. Rainy Street Stories captures perfectly the confusion and ambiguity of this broken world, and the devious ways good people must master in order to function in it. But Rainy Street Stories also arouses hope that the broken pieces are not scattered beyond recovery, but are waiting for our commitment to reintegrate them into a whole fully lit by our passion for truth and the common good.”–Rev. Mr. George Dardess, PhD., former professor of English, Tufts University and author of Meeting Islam, A Guide For Christians.

DOD Security Clearances and Contracts Guidebook

“Jeffrey Bennett’s comprehensive guide gives defense contractors all the information they need to establish and maintain a successful security program. He pulls together information from Presidential Executive Orders and regulations from numerous government agencies. Readers will learn how to appoint and train a facility security officer, navigate the security clearance process, win contracts dealing with classified information, and how to secure and protect that information.”

“An excellent book for companies trying to get into the world of classified government contracts. It is a great starting point for new Facility Security Officers, telling them what they need to know in order to be succeful at their job.”

“Mr. Bennett once again has assisted me in my endeavors as a security and protection professional. His book not only assists in helping you prepare for the ISP certification, it provides first hand insight and mentoring on how to advance your career goals in this complex field. In using his study guide, one can get a real understanding of how the certification process is and study to overcome the challenges of taking the exam. The one recommendation I can say is to combine it with the pocket edition, so you can take and read while on the metro to work.”

Insider’s Guide to Security Clearances

“Having been tasked with the mission to research all that I could about Security Clearances and the Facility Security Officer (FSO) position at a government contracting firm, it was difficult to find resources on the topic that were available for the up-and-coming FSO. In this book, Mr Bennett gives clear and concise answers to help guide the way for those that haven’t been in the industry for long or at all. And with the Kindle edition, it was easy to have the book with me for reference whenever I needed help with knowing which forms to use, what acronyms stand for, and what is the next step in the Security Clearance process. I highly recommend this and other RedBike Publishing books on the subject – they are quite helpful for those new to the industry and those that are refreshing their studies.”

“The book is great– cuts to the point on how to get started in this business. Succinctly describes what you need to do to get your business set up to work on clearance contracts. Gives you helpful links, and does a fairly good job at listing out the “to-do’s”.”

ISP Certification-The Industrial Security Professional Exam Manual

“After receiving this book, I quickly skimmed through it prior to sitting down for a close study. My initial reaction was to wonder just how much information I could learn based on the fact that most of the book was dedicated to practice tests. When I finally took the time to sit down and read it, I was surprised at just how much information it contains. The book tells you how to prepare, to include learning all security disciplines, how to manage your time, and how to study the NISPOM. The practice tests are a great opportunity to time yourself, and help to identify areas of weakness. I truly recommend this book for anyone considering the ISP Certification… it is a great tool to have!”

“As most others I am a seasoned FSO. However, based on research I did, once I decided to take the ISP Exam I quickly learned to not take it cold. I got my workbook from NCMS and researched what other tools are out there to better help prepare me for the exam. I quickly discovered Mr. Bennet’s ISP certification manual and after reading the overwhelmingly positive reviews I knew this would be well worth the money! ”

“I’ve ordered a few of your products, to include the ISP manual and flash cards.  I wanted you to know that I took the ISP exam this morning and passed!  Your products were very helpful.”

“I could not have attained a high score on the ISP exam without your study materials. The study materials you provided helped me prepare for this certification. I am very happy to be a part of this elite group of professionals.”

Tony Cirafice, ISP Security Specialist

“Right on target! Jeffrey Bennett’s exam manual is the perfect supplement to the NISPOM for anyone preparing to take the Industrial Security Professional certification exam. The approach is clear and easy to use. It’s definitely worth the price and more.”

William H. Henderson, author, Security Clearance Manual.

“This study guide has been a tremendous help in preparing me to take the ISP exam. I feel that I now have a much better understanding of what to expect.”

Polly Rupe, Facility Security Officer, Va

“After reading this book and taking the study tests I feel confident that I will pass and receive my ISPCertification”.

Jackie Bray, Corporate Security Officer, AL

“The study guide has helped keep me up to date on the NISPOM.”

Kenneth Chaney, ISP, GA

“You have captivated the readers interest!! Throughout the reading, you continue to address educational encouragement, experience and networking. All of which are mandatory in taking the ISP exam. The emphasis on mentoring just goes to show you how important it is to have support of your peers. Many who may be apprehensive about taking the exam, probably feel like they are all alone and no one is there to lean on. Jeff,KUDOS, to you!!!! This is awesome!! This book is an amazing tool to help guide and support those interested in rising to the next level. This book supports the certification’s demonstration of willingness for self-improvement and dedication to the profession. Thank you for assisting me in reaching my full potential and there is no doubt in my mind as to where I am headed.”

Deb Jaramillo, ASIS North AL Chapter Secretary

“As a seasoned security professional, I found the Industrial Security Professional Exam Manual to be very clear, brief and concise. The ISP manual is a must read for anyone anticipating taking the ISP exam. Whether you are a seasoned security professional or a newbie to the world of security, this book is a keeper. Thank you for putting out such a Great Book .”


Like many seasoned industrial security representatives, I feel like I know it all. I have been in this industry almost 25 years; I know where to look for answers, and I have my contacts. But one day it occurred to me just how much has changed during my career – enter the Internet, enter computer based training, enter instant security clearances (Interims), enter the JPAS/e-QIP interface, enter diminished contact with my cleared employees and visitors. Admitting that the contact with my cleared employees is not as intimate as it used to have to be, somehow I felt that I was loosing touch with my own skill set because of it. Jeffrey Bennett’s book is very insightful into our industry, for he works with and supports, and motivates, this industry. You should consider buying the ISP Certification – The Industrial Security Professional Exam Manual, and spend 30 minutes with it each evening after work. Reinvigorate yourself. Give your imagination and professional growth some quiet stimulation. Remember. Refresh yourself. The best security education dollar you can spend, and not even leave home.”

Lisa Doman, Sierra Vista, AZ

“I am excited to write a recommendation for you. I am impressed with your knowledge base of our field and you have been helpful when called upon. I purchased your book, ISP Exam Manual. The set up and information contained in the book has increased my confidence in taking the exam. I look forward to working with you as my proctor for the test. “

TJ Knight, FSO, Applied Geo Technologies, Huntsville, AL

“Jeff provides a paramount service with his book that assists in taking the ISP test. He gives insight into what is needed to help you be certified in the security industry today. Jeff’s dedication and attention to detail is second to none and I highly recommend him on a professional level.”

Kenneth Wontz, President. Trinity Security Consultants, VA

“Written by a security consultant of twenty-two years of experience in military intelligence, contracting and security, ISP Certification: The Industrial Security Professional Exam Manual is a instructional resource created to provide career security specialists with what they need to know to protect our nation’s secrets. The text offers practical advice for security professionals and a working understanding of the NISPOM and Presidential Executive Orders implementing the National Industrial Security Program, but the heart of ISP Certification is its four practice tests designed to probe the depths of one’s knowledge. An absolute “must-have” for anyone in federal positions requiring a thorough knowledge of security procedures, and highly recommended for the libraries of federal agencies.”

Midwest Book Review

“Excellent book for security professionals looking to enhance their Industrial Security Skills and Knowledge. The ISP Certification Exam Manual is also a must for ISP exam applicants.”

Gregory Kucharewski

Security Manager

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