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“Mr. Bennett once again has assisted me in my endeavors as a security and protection professional. His book not only assists in helping  prepare for the ISP certification, it provides first hand insight and mentoring on how to advance your career goals in this complex field. ”

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You have a great story, experience, “how to”, Bible study, or in other words, a worthwhile book. You know that it’s a hot topic, but no publisher has given you a chance. They tell you that your idea is too broad, your platform is too small, or the all time favorite “doesn’t meet our publishing needs”.

However, you just need a chance. You have a ready audience, a way to sell, a good platform and you just need to get it out there.

Now there is a solution; invest in your product with Red Bike Publishing.

Publish with us:

Here’s how it works. We don’t charge you to publish, however, we do ask you to invest in your product with the pre-purchase of 150 paperback or 125 hardback 6 x 9 books.

Your cost for each paperback book is $10.00. Your investment is $1500. However, you will get a chance to earn your investment back as you make your sales over time.

If you want your book to be hardback, then your cost for 125 books is $20.00 each or initial investment of $2500. 

After that you can continue to purchase each book for 30% of the cover price (retail) and continue to re-sell.

Our formula is simple. We don’t charge you for publishing, we equip you for sales.

What happens when you publish with us?

  • Your book is published with access to 39,000 book distribution centers nationwide and many, many online book sellers.
  • Book is listed on our newsletters, blogs, and social media pages.
  • For all non author sales (online book stores, sales through Red Bike Publishing) you receive 12% royalty
  • Monthly royalties beginning 90 days after listing
  • Monthly sales reports beginning 90 days after listing
  • Copy of Get Rich in a Niche full of book writing, publishing and marketing skills


Perhaps your goal is to self-publish with Amazon’s CreateSpace or Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP). We can help with that as well. One of the most difficult tasks (probably more difficult than writing) is formatting your book. Both CreateSpace and KDP have submission requirements that can be tedious and time consuming. We will apply publishing software to format your cover and book block for you so that you can upload and publish.  Now  you can self-publish eBooks and paperbacks. Consider buying a copy of “Get Rich In a Niche” for all you need to know about writing, publishing, and marketing your book.

Here is sample pricing:

Plain text (no photos or graphics) -$795.00 for print

Plain text (no photos or graphics) -$795.00 for Kindle

Print and Kindle-$995.00

Which ever option you chose, publish with us or self-publish, here’s what you can expect:

Here’s what you get:

  • Minor editing
  • Book formatting
  • Cover design (you may submit your own cover design)
  • Publishing date decision
  • Final say in published product
  • Pride of being a published author
  • Book is listed on our newsletters, blogs, and social media pages.

You can publish when good and ready; when it’s ready, we publish it.

We just ask that you present a “ready to print” manuscript in word format. Ready to print means that you are pleased with your book and we can print it as is.

Publish On Your Schedule-Can’t get that book done in time? Who cares, nobody’s keeping count. Ahead of schedule? Go ahead and print, nobody is stopping you. This is your time and place, you decide when is good.

You will have incredible timeline flexibility. The only thing you have to do is pre-plan your book release for availability during book signing or other events. The control is completely in your capable hands.

That also means you should work a schedule, in reverse order of when books should be available. If your plan is to have book signing event at the local book store 120 days from now, you have to plan to ensure the book is edited, formatted, designed, uploaded, printed and delivered in time for availability. Nothing is more embarrassing than to set up an event, draw a crowd and books not be available.

The upside is there are no other schedules than what are self-imposed, hence no other stressors to influence your publishing decisions. No late nights worrying about deadlines and most decisions revolve around the art of writing and getting your work into circulation. You are left alone to write and edit on your time.

Consequentially, you can also speed up your calendar according to the same creative ability. There is nothing slowing your work down. In some cases an author might turn work in for publication only to have to wait for the publishing house’s schedule. When you write and publish your own work, the process is as timely as you make it.

So, if you like control of your time and product, and you can manage your resources, Red Bike Publishing is the option for you.

Are you ready?

Contact us @ editor@redbikepublishing.com to get started.