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“Mr. Bennett once again has assisted me in my endeavors as a security and protection professional. His book not only assists in helping  prepare for the ISP certification, it provides first hand insight and mentoring on how to advance your career goals in this complex field. ”

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Get Rich in a Niche

Get Rich in a Niche


“This enjoyable, practical book shows you how to fulfill your dream of being a published author, position yourself as an expert, and open doors for you on every side.”–Brian Tracy, Author of Be a Sales Superstar


“Wow – what a thorough resource for self-publishing.  I’ve seen a lot of books come down the pike on that topic but yours is clearly a result of a great deal of solid research.  I went right to the section on Marketing on Amazon and saw tons of things I have never done. Congratulations on a fine piece.”–Dan Miller-Author of  48 Days to the Work You Love

Finally, a solution is here.This isn’t just some advice by a famous author on how to break into publishing. This book was actually written and exclusively self-published by the author; and this isn’t his first book either. Get Rich in a Niche demonstrates how to self-publish. Now, you can also successfully make your mark as an author.

Self-publishing is a respected avenue for authors. Traditional publishing doesn’t always meet niche industry needs. Even if all the customers bought books, there wouldn’t be enough sales to warrant the huge financial, time, and resource commitment required of a traditional publisher. This is a great opportunity because niche markets have a built-in audience with little to no competition. These markets may consist of only a few thousand people and have needs that aren’t being directly met by traditional publishers. That’s where you come in. This is different from other self-publishing books. Marketing in a niche is trickier than when offered to more generalized audiences.

Get Rich in a Niche will show you how to apply lessons from successful marketing techniques the author has used and without added business costs. Whether or not you are engaged in a business, you can begin a publishing company or writing career with little upfront costs. You can simply engage already available resources such as your computer, internet provider, and desktop publishing software. If you already have the basics, then you can begin immediately and develop a great business without going into debt. Let’s dispel some myths to help you understand why it’s important for a niche expert like you to embrace self-publishing.

“This book is a great resource. I am using what Jeff teaches to write my first book about Gee’s Bend quilts.” Lovett Bennett, President Gee’s Bend Foundation.

This book will show you how to:

  • determine how to publish (start a company or use Createspace)
  • which self- publishing choice (Lightningsource or Createspace)
  • establish your company (What type of company)
  • write a book day by day
  • create your book as you build credibility as an expert
  • format your book
  • self-publish your book.


Forget what you’ve learned about marketing. While others advertise their broad ranging products spending freely, niche marketers have to use more intense focus. Using traditional marketing techniques will cause you to lose money, time, and market share. This book demonstrates how to sell your book by:

  • leveraging your steps to becoming an expert
  • creating huge online presence
  • getting great results with no marketing expenses.

How is Get Rich in a Niche different?

Other blogs and websites claim that all you have to do is just write a book and you’ll make millions. Well, we know that’s just not true. That’s where Get Rich in a Niche is different. Get Rich in a Niche helps authors write, publish, and market books by establishing a credible business. It’s the business of writing and marketing that makes a difference.

Here’s the difference: the author, Jeffrey W. Bennett, has created his empire only through self-publishing, and has many titles under his belt. He doesn’t pontificate on theory of what one should do to succeed, but he actually shows you exactly what he did to earn thousands per year and gain status as an expert. Read the testimonials page to read what others have thought of his niche knowledge.

Bronze Medal in How To: Business Category

Bronze Medal in How To: Business Category

Get Rich in a Niche also helps entrepreneurs develop spin-off products from niche ideas. These ideas actually work for those who want to create an enduring business.

Jeff Bennett is the owner of Red Bike Publishing and author of many niche industry books. He developed a way to market his books by earning trust and developing credibility. Now he is the “go to” author for the industrial security business.

Just writing a book doesn’t get you there. It’s a process of establishing credibility and building trust that does. There are many author coaches and vanity publishers claiming such wonderful dreams, but they just don’t always work out. Books, novels, niche ideas, and specialized industry products require unique and innovative marketing strategies as outlined in Get Rich in a Niche.

For example some of the hype asks vulnerable authors to pay money to be included on a mailing list to librarians and book stores. You pay, provide book information, and hope they choose yours out of the hundreds they receive.

Hope is not a strategy.

In truth, librarians and book stores get their products from distributors, not email referrals. Most self-publishers are not in the system.

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Some claim that they can provide THE mailing list of people who “want” you to email your book information. In reality, these “customers” aren’t expecting your product. Your information is sent to folks who have no idea of who you are or why they should buy your book.

Jeff was burned by many of the bad marketing ideas. He followed their advice only to find himself low on money and patience.

A little truth

There is money to be made providing great books to customers in niche industries.

Jeff started Red Bike Publishing by writing and self- publishing a book to help people get a security certification.

Traditional publishers couldn’t market to his small niche and he received many letters of rejection. They weren’t rejecting his product, but the small market. However, he learned to build a good business selling books to people who want to earn their certification.

Self- publishing can be a very lucrative choice. Traditional publishers can’t afford to produce books for only 3500 clients. However, the niche author can thrive on small numbers.

From the author

Remember, your niche could be too small for publishers to venture into. Even if all the customers bought books, there wouldn’t be enough sales to warrant the huge financial, time, and resource commitment required of a traditional publisher. This is a great opportunity because your market is protected. You have a built-in audience with no competition. All you have to do is commit to the project, organize your thoughts, complete a manuscript, edit the manuscript, and publish it.

I’ll demonstrate two methods of publishing your efforts and making big sales. None of these suggestions involve getting your book in bookstores, signing with major publishing companies, or a losing business model involving a lot of wasted effort trying to replicate traditional publishing or traditional marketing efforts. The premise: You are writing for a niche ,and you’ve already found your audience.

Getting Started

A familiar saying, “Necessity is the Mother of Invention” describes that a need comes before a product. Someone recognized  the absence of a product and  they met the need with their own invention. Many become wealthy and famous providing what they themselves found lacking in the world. I have helped other professionals by providing practice tests and boosting the confidence of those who desire a security certification. Before I took my certification exam, I looked around for leadership. I found it was up to me to study for and pass the examination. So, I began to invent my own study program.

The ideas I developed were not conventional in the specialized security market. However, I had learned from college, and previous military and life experience, how to set goals and establish a way to reach those goals. With a lack of publication in the area, I went about touching, experiencing, and researching everything I could about the certification. I volunteered for extra jobs at work (related to the certification) and took notes of my progress.

Have a great idea, product or book? Before people buy, they need to trust you.

Perhaps you are like Jeff. You have a great idea for a book or idea, but need the little push to get started. To sell books, products, and ideas, you have to build influence and credibility.

A few years ago, Jeff was trying to followup on some work. He called a fellow professional for information. This person did not want to speak with him because they did not know who Jeff was. He vowed that within five years, he would be an expert in the field …

Jeff made a plan and achieved results in two years.

Now, he is the author and publisher for niche security topics. Jeff teaches the Industrial Security Management Course at University Of Alabama Huntsville and is the author of the “go to” book DoD Security Clearance and Contracts Guidebook. After three years as a publisher, he can honestly say,  “I’ve got it down.”

Are you looking for real ways to increase your credibility as an expert? Whether you consider yourself an entrepreneur, author, consultant, or working professional, you have to be believable and influential.


Also Available on Kindle (scroll down)

Get Rich in a Niche shows you how to be influential in your industry with three well explained steps:

1. become an expert

2. publish your book

3. market your book.

“Jeff’s recommendations really boosted the sales of all of my books including, Their Blood Runs Cold and Snakes of the Southeast. Anyone with a published book will profit from Jeff’s innovative ideas in “Get Rich in a Niche.” Whit Gibbons, Herpetologist, Author, and Retired Professor of Ecology, University of Georgia and Senior Research Ecologist, Savannah River Ecology Lab (SREL)

Become an Expert:

Perhaps you have observed a unique need or product that has not been provided. Maybe you notice that there is a lack of information, study programs, or guidance within a particular area. You might even have the answer inside of you that will help people get to where they need to be or reach some sort of professional or personal goal. Success depends on whether or not you meet an important step: to become recognized as an expert.

Are you an expert? If so, you’ve successfully asked and answered the following questions:

What is lacking in my industry?

How can I help?

Will others be able to understand the plan?

Will others be willing to pay for this knowledge?

Is there anything that I can offer for free to help build credibility and become the “go to” person? What are some concrete ways that I can get my message out?

Get Rich in a Niche shows you how to create a huge presence and become the in demand expert.

    • Teach your subject in continuing education courses.
    • Write captivating articles.
    • Do the things that get your name recognized by your market.
    • Use social networking effectively.
    • See book for more.

Get Rich in a Niche is complete with planning tools to help you establish yourself as a niche expert/leader. Jeff developed a personal plan to become a security expert within five years; he made it three years early. Below is an actual figure from the book and customizable pages are included in the appendices.

Jeff used these to plan his company and spin-off products and includes them to show you how. 


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Jeff’s book also shows you how to earn money from spin-off products, newsletters, and blogs. It is complete with planning tools to help you develop spin-off products. His security certification book led to three related books, training, magnets, and other related products. Below is an actual figure from the book and blank customizable  pages are included in the appendices. Jeff used these to plan his company and spin-off products and includes them to show you how. Join our newsletter and we’ll send you an electronic version or just click here to download.


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Publishing success can be yours. Learn to create a following, write a book, and become a publisher.

All the best.

Get Rich In A Niche


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