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    • On the Run
             Jason backed into one of the boxes hard, receiving a good poke in the kidneys. He stood involuntarily erect with pain, and stifled a cry of protest and curses.  …
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    • We're Flying!
          The roar of the engine frightened the natives, causing them to take cover on the ground. The propeller sent wet leaves and vines like miniature missiles flying in their direction,…
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    • Influence, Army Leadership
      7-14. Apprising happens when the leader explains why a request will benefit a follower, such as givingthem greater satisfaction in their work or performing a task a certain way that will save half the…
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    • Arrows and Hatchets An Excerpt From Commitment-A Novel
           “Hmm?” Steve answered groggily. He wore a stupid smile.It’s not over. I need you to take the controls so I can prop the plane. Those guys drained the battery.”   …
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Something is wrong with Cora Evans’ heart. Her father, Clarence, insists on admitting Cora once a month for testing and medication. Her days are lonely until she meets Jason O’Brien, a volunteer who visits and reads to the young patients. Year by year their friendship grows as does Clarence’s contempt of Jason.

In spite of close medical supervision, Cora is getting sicker. Nonetheless, their adventures bring her and Jason closer together. Soon they are drawn into the depths of the hospital where they witness something so terrible they are forced to leave friends and family as they fight for survival.