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    • We're Flying!
          The roar of the engine frightened the natives, causing them to take cover on the ground. The propeller sent wet leaves and vines like miniature missiles flying in their direction,…
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    • Arrows and Hatchets
           “Hmm?” Steve answered groggily. He wore a stupid smile.It’s not over. I need you to take the controls so I can prop the plane. Those guys drained the battery.”   …
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    • It's Time to Go
           Time passed slowly that morning. The natives searched for hours before finally leaving, or at least that’s what John hoped they’d done. The sun was higher in the sky and began…
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    • Primitive Man Meets Flying Machine
         The half naked group, armed with spears and bows and arrows, and one with a stone ax, fanned out once they neared the clearing. They moved in unison like a well-rehearsed infantry unit.…
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Marta is newly widowed. She and her husband Raymond were living their dreams; serving as missionaries in Indonesia. It was their paradise and they loved living among the peaceful villagers who had years earlier accepted them as their own. Nothing could take away their happiness…or so they thought. A villager from a rival tribe has killed Raymond. Now Marta is alone. What will her future hold in Iryan Jaya? Will she be able to continue the work without Raymond?

More than anything, John wants to be an airline pilot. Fresh from the Vietnam war, he begins his odyssey flying missionaries over the jungles of Iryan Jaya, Indonesia. He plans to stay a short time to gain flying experience. However, he didn’t count on meeting Marta.

Great and incredible read. I highly recommend this book to those who are interested in genuine commitment. Wow! Wow. Wow. A great read for you. Amazon Review

Reviewed as previously published Under the Lontar Palm (Paperback)

Quite frankly, this is an exciting and highly readable Christian novel that deserves a large audience.  Its author is an Alabamian.  Readers will enjoy and appreciate this “love story,” which points up such virtues as romance, love, commitment and doing God’s will.-The Alabama Baptist

Under the Lontar Palm was a book that really draws you into the story, the characters and the plot. It is a book that is hard to put down once you start. You are transformed into the jungle with the characters and don’t want to come out.-M.M. McAdam

Jeffrey Bennett has crafted a well paced easily read romantic adventure. His talent with words draws the reader into the midst of a drama that holds your interest. His dialogue echo’s authenticity as the action of the story rings with truth. This book has great movie potential. I look forward to reading more from Mr. Bennett.-Beverly J Scott author of Righteous Revenge

I really enjoyed this book. It had both adventure and romance. It’s great to read an exciting, don’t want to put it down type of book, that has Christian morals in it.-Jenifer Washburn

Jeffrey Bennett has proven that it is possible to write an exciting adventure and heartfelt romance that contains a strong Christian message. I found this book hard to put down. -Emily Rowe

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