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    • Knots-Ranger Handbook
      9- 7. KNOTSa. Square Knot. This joins two ropes of equal diameter (Figure 9-5): Two interlocking bites, running ends exit on same side of standing portion of rope. Each tail is secured with…
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    • Putting Influence Techniques to Work-Army Leadership
      7-18. To succeed and create true commitment, influencing techniques should be perceived as authentic and sincere. Positive influence comes from leaders who do what is right for the Army, the…
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    • US Army Physical Readiness-For Army Training and Obstacle Races Army Physical Readiness Training (APRT) manual is excellent for those working out, preparing for basic, getting ready for boards, or maintaining peak…
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    • 9-6. Anchors-Rock Climbing Ranger Style
           Anchors are the base, for all installations and roped mountaineering techniques. Anchors must be strong enough to support the entire weight of the load or impact placed…
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Army Physical Readiness Training

Army Physical Readiness Training

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Get Fit, Lose Weight, Be Strong

Soldiers are fit. Being Army Tough is the result of tremendous physical fitness training. Until now, FM 21-20 has been used for decades to train America’s Army to go to battle. FM 7-22 has replaced the old FM, giving soldiers new strength and endurance sustaining exercises. Now you can have this same intense level of fitness. Whether you are a soldier, civilian or in the Delayed Entry Program, you can learn to exercise properly. FM 7-22, US Army Physical Readiness Training provides results.

Lots of people of e-book readers now a days, but for us old school/poor people we want to have a paper back since it cost about $50 to take the PDF to Staples and get one made. This is a cheaper option purchasing a book from a mass printing source such as this. Customer

This book is also a great resource for authors, writers, actors and producers who want to learn more about the Army.

It is a really well researched text for the trainer. Clearly a lot of modern information on sensible training procedures were used. As the downloader/printer, he who got it to public market, states if you want to get fit this book will get you there. Customer

Red Bike Publishing understands that the Physical Readiness Training is available online. However, if you want to avoid paper jams, double sided printing, hole punching, and binding, consider getting our book store quality product for a professional appearance.