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    • On the Run
             Jason backed into one of the boxes hard, receiving a good poke in the kidneys. He stood involuntarily erect with pain, and stifled a cry of protest and curses.  …
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    • We're Flying!
          The roar of the engine frightened the natives, causing them to take cover on the ground. The propeller sent wet leaves and vines like miniature missiles flying in their direction,…
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    • Influence, Army Leadership
      7-14. Apprising happens when the leader explains why a request will benefit a follower, such as givingthem greater satisfaction in their work or performing a task a certain way that will save half the…
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    • Arrows and Hatchets An Excerpt From Commitment-A Novel
           “Hmm?” Steve answered groggily. He wore a stupid smile.It’s not over. I need you to take the controls so I can prop the plane. Those guys drained the battery.”   …
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“Mr. Bennett once again has assisted me in my endeavors as a security and protection professional. His book not only assists in helping  prepare for the ISP certification, it provides first hand insight and mentoring on how to advance your career goals in this complex field. ”

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2000 Miles On Wisdom

2000 Miles On Wisdom

Good old fashion customer service is still alive and well across the globe……But in this book you will observe it was the customer who wrote his experience; for he was given superb customer service which generated a loyal customer, creating a customer for life. This is a true story about a consumer not having a inkling as to what he required, but he kept coming back to a business (bicycle shop) that delivered every single time. The ten ingredients Jim writes about will guide any business to the core of customer service. A tremendous customer experience keeps customers coming back for more; 2000 Miles on Wisdom will show you how.

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“Need an inspiring story to renew your commitment to success? Look no further than Jim Serger’s 2000 Miles on Wisdom, with lessons on leadership and delivering the best to everyone – customers, colleagues, relatives, and friends – in your life.

Marshall Goldsmith -million-selling author of the New York Times bestsellers, MOJO and What Got You Here Won’t Get You There

 “Jim Serger is an evangelist for bicycling and for superior customer service. 2000 Miles on Wisdom brings these two worlds together in purpose and in joy. Join Jim for the ride of his lifetime. This is a true story that will uplift you at every turn and show you how to make our world a better place every day.”

Ron Kaufman –New York Times bestselling author, Uplifting Service

 “Customer service excellence, a personal journey of determination, and a passion for “making a difference” are at the center of Jim Serger Jr’s analytic and personal work.  Jim’s book demonstrates how a customer-experience business (in his case a bicycle shop) can enliven the passion of customers, produce transformation for those it serves, and do good while doing well.”

Joseph Michelli  -New York Times #1 bestselling author of books such as Leading the Starbucks Way and The Zappos Experience

 “Kudo’s to Jim Serger on his new book “2000 Miles on Wisdom “. Jim again has told a story based upon his personal experiences and achievements to take what some believe to be a complex issue – customer service and break it down into simple to understand, practical and usable concepts. If you’re in business, “2000 Miles on Wisdom ” is a must read. Jim Serger has emerged as an excellent story teller with a message for everyone.”

Chris Ruisi,  “The Coach” -Author, Business Speaker, Leadership Coach and International Radio Show.

  “This book is loaded with proven methods and techniques to get and keep customers for life.  You learn how to build customer loyalty so high they would never buy from anyone else.”

Brian Tracy – Author, How The Best Leaders Lead

 “This is a great story; not about bicycles, but about putting people first. Jim Serger tells a  true tale about what it means to create a positive and engaging experience for customers. You can learn from his insights.”

Mark Sanborn-Author of The Fred Factor and You Don’t Need a Title to be a Leader

 “Jim Serger’s journey is an inspirational story of determination, will, and the power of the human body.  Jim’s 1,033 mile ride from Carmel, Indiana to Orlando, Florida for charity makes me wish the his alma mater had a cycling team when he was a student.  He shows the entire journey from buying his first bike and then proceeding to ride 2,000 miles in 150 days.  It is without a doubt  that cycling has a very steep cycling curve, but through the help of a local bike shop, anyone can become a cyclist living a healthy and outdoor lifestyle while changing the world in the process.”

Paul Dentel-University of Cincinnati Cycling Club President 2012-2014

“Jim’s experience shows all of us that we should never underestimate what we can accomplish if we just do it one day and one mile at a time”

Lee Cockerell-Executive Vice President (Retired & Inspired) of Walt Disney World® Resort and author of  Creating Magic…10 Common Sense Leadership strategies From a Life at Disney & The Customer Rules…39 Essential Rules for Delivering Sensational Service

 “Businesses always win when customers come first. Serger’s true story is proof.”

Steve Penker -President Penker Properties, LLC.

“2000 Miles on Wisdom  is a collection of true stories about the lost art of customer service and is a must read for anyone who would like to improve their skills in that area. The stories within this book echoed the words of my greatest mentor, my father, when he taught me what I consider the most important rule of customer service. “If you don’t take care of your clients, someone else will”.

Brad Toft -Restaurant Insurance Specialist, Kinker-Eveleigh Insurance. Cincinnati, OH

“From the smallest businesses to the largest companies in the world, I can’t think of any enterprise that won’t benefit from the lessons Jim Serger shares about a small bike shop and how they made him a customer and fan for life.”

Shep Hyken- customer service expert and New York Times bestselling author


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